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Chaplain's Offices

An online resource for friends and supporters of Operation Restore Me and Operation New Start
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Here is a list of Chaplain's Offices.  Chaplains can often help with encouragement and with delivering messages of illness and the death of an inmate's family member.  They usually have information on arranging marriage to inmates in prison. Chaplains are often available to help with family counseling issues as well as spiritual issues. They can also sometimes help with the mediation of visiting issues and child visitation when the "freeworld" parent or guardian is less than cooperative regarding the issue.  Our sincere thanks to Chaplain Art Lyons at Re-entry Prison & Jail Ministry for compiling this list, please check out his web site by clicking here.  Clicking on any  of the hyperlinks below take you to his site.

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Chaplain's Offices by Institution

bulletAction Ministries
bulletAdirondack Correctional Facility
bulletAdrian Temporary Facility
bulletAdult Diag. and Treatment Center
bulletAirway Heights Correctional Center
bulletAl Burrus Correctional Training Center
bulletAlamance Correctional Center
bulletAlbany Transitional Center
bulletAlbion Correctional Facility
bulletAlger Maximum Correctional Facility
bulletAlgoa Correctional Center
bulletAllen Correctional Center
bulletAllen Correctional Institution
bulletAllendale Correctional Institution
bulletAllred Unit
bulletAltona Correctional Facility
bulletAnglican Church Army
bulletAnson Correctional Center
bulletAnthony Center
bulletAnvil Mountain Correctional Center
bulletApalachee Correctional Institution
bulletAppalachian Correctional Unit(Unit 29)
bulletArizona State Prison - Douglas
bulletArizona State Prison Complex - Eyman
bulletArizona State Prison Complex - Florence
bulletArizona State Prison Complex - Safford
bulletArizona State Prison Complex - Yuma
bulletArizona State Prison Complex-Perryville
bulletArizona State Prison Complex-Phoenix
bulletArizona State Prison Complex-Phoenix W.
bulletArizona State Prison Complex-Tucson
bulletArizona State Prison Complex-Winslow
bulletArkansas Valley Correctional Facility
bulletArthur Kill Correctional Facility
bulletAssociated Chaplains in California State Service
bulletAtlanta Transitional Center
bulletAtlantic Institution
bulletAtterbury Correctional Facility
bulletAttica Correctional Facility
bulletAuburn Correctional Facility
bulletAugusta Correctional Center
bulletAugusta Correctional/Medical Institution
bulletAvenal State Prison
bulletAvery Correctional Center
bulletAvon Park Correctional Inst..
bulletAvon Park Correctional Institution
bulletAvoyelles Correctional Center
bulletB.J. Whitworth Probation Detention Center
bulletBaker Correctional Institution
bulletBaldwin Correctional Institution
bulletBaltimore City Correctional Center
bulletBaltimore Pre-Release Unit
bulletBaraga Maximum Correctional Facility
bulletBare Hill Correctional Facility
bulletBartlett Facility
bulletBaskerville Correctional Unit (Unit 4)
bulletBath Institution
bulletBay Correctional Facility
bulletBay State Correctional Center
bulletBayside State Prison - Leesburg
bulletBayview Correctional Facility
bulletBeacon Correctional Facility
bulletBeaver Creek Correctional Camp
bulletBeckley Work/Study Release Center
bulletBedford Hills Correctional Facility
bulletBell County Forestry Camp
bulletBelmont Correctional Institution
bulletBent County Correctional Facility
bulletBenton Unit
bulletBeto I Unit
bulletBig Muddy River Correctional Center
bulletBlack Mountain Correctional Center for Women
bulletBlackburn Correctional Complex
bulletBland Correctional Center
bulletBooneville Correctional Center
bulletBostick Correctional Institution
bulletBotetourt Correctional Center(Unit 25)
bulletBowden Institution & Farm Annex
bulletBoyd Unit
bulletBradshaw Facility
bulletBranchville Training Center
bulletBrevard Correctional Institution
bulletBridgeport Correctional Center
bulletBridgewater State Hospital
bulletBriscoe Unit
bulletBroad River Correctional Institution
bulletBrockbridge Correctional Institution
bulletBrooklyn Correctional Institution
bulletBrooks Facility
bulletBroward Correctional Institution
bulletBrown Creek Correctional Institution
bulletBrunswick Correctional Center
bulletBrunswick Work Center
bulletBrushy Mountain State Penitentiary
bulletBuckingham Correctional Center
bulletBuena Vista Correctional Facility
bulletBuffalo Correctional Facility
bulletBullock Correctional Facility
bulletBurnet Unit
bulletButler ASACTC
bulletC. Paul Phelps Correctional Center
bulletC.I.A. Prison Ministries
bulletCabarrus Correctional Center
bulletCaldwell Correctional Center
bulletCaledonia Community Work Camp
bulletCaledonia Correctional Institution
bulletCalhoun Correctional Institution - Blountstown
bulletCalhoun Correctional Institution - Morgan
bulletCalifornia Correctional Center
bulletCalifornia Correctional Institution
bulletCalifornia Institution for Men
bulletCalifornia Institution for Women
bulletCalifornia Medical Facility
bulletCalifornia Men's Colony - East
bulletCalifornia Rehabilitation Center
bulletCalifornia State Prison - Calipatria
bulletCalifornia State Prison - Corcoran
bulletCalifornia State Prison - Sacramento
bulletCalifornia State Prison - San Quentin
bulletCalifornia State Prison - Solano
bulletCalifornia State Prison-Los Angeles City
bulletCalumet House
bulletCamp Gabriels
bulletCamp Georgetown
bulletCamp Hawthorne
bulletCamp Pharsalia
bulletCampbell Work Center
bulletCanon Minimum Centers
bulletCape Vincent Correctional Facility
bulletCarol & Robert Salka
bulletCaroline Correctional Unit (Unit 2)
bulletCarson City Facility
bulletCarson City Temporary Facility
bulletCarter County Work Camp
bulletCarteret Correctional Center
bulletCaswell Correctional Center
bulletCatawba Correctional Center
bulletCatawba Work Center
bulletCayuga Correctional Facility
bulletCedar Creek Corrections Center
bulletCentennial Correctional Facility
bulletCentinela State Prison
bulletCentral California Women's Facility
bulletCentral Correctional Institution
bulletCentral Detention Facility - San Diego, CA
bulletCentral Dist. Probation Detention Center
bulletCentral Facility
bulletCentral Florida Reception Center
bulletCentral Laundry Correctional Facility
bulletCentral Minimum Restrict Unit
bulletCentral Minimum Unit
bulletCentral Miss. Correctional Facility
bulletCentral Mo. Correctional Center
bulletCentral NM Correctional Facility
bulletCentral Prison
bulletCentral Unit
bulletCentral Utah Correctional Facility
bulletCentralia Correction Center
bulletChain O' Lakes Correctional Facility
bulletChaplain Apolachee C.I
bulletCharles E. "Bill" Johnson Correctional Center
bulletCharleston Correctional Facility
bulletCharleston Work/Study Release Center
bulletCharlotte Correctional Institution
bulletChateaugay Correctional Facility
bulletChatham Correctional Unit (Unit 15)
bulletChattanooga Community Service Center
bulletCheshire Correctional Institution
bulletChesterfield Work Release Unit
bulletChildersburg Cnty. Work Center Boot Camp
bulletChillicothe Correctional Center
bulletChillicothe Correctional Institute
bulletChippewa Correctional Facility
bulletChippewa Temp. Correctional Facility
bulletChittenden Regional Correctional Facility
bulletChristian Law Enforcement Fellowship
bulletChuckawalla Valley State Prison
bulletClallam Bay Corrections Center
bulletClara Waters Comm. Corrections Center
bulletClarinda Correctional Facility
bulletClemens Unit
bulletClements Unit
bulletCleveland Correctional Center
bulletClinton Correctional Facility
bulletClyde N. Phillips Correctional Institution
bulletCmty Alternatives of Black Hills
bulletCoastal Correctional Institution
bulletCoastal Pre-Release Center
bulletCoffeewood Correctional Center
bulletCoffield Unit
bulletCold Creek Correctional Facility
bulletCold Springs Correctional Unit(Unit 10)
bulletCold Springs Work Center
bulletCole Facility
bulletCollins Bay Institution
bulletCollins Correctional Facility
bulletColorado Correctional Center
bulletColorado State Penitentiary
bulletColorado Territorial Correctional Facility
bulletColorado Women's Correctional Facility
bulletColumbia Correctional Institution - Lake City
bulletColumbia Correctional Institution - Portage
bulletColumbia River Correctional Institution
bulletColumbus Correctional Center
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Cape Brenton
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Fredericton NB
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Metro (Halifax)
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Moncton NB
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Saskatchewan
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/St. John NB
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/St. John's Metro
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Toronto
bulletCommunity Chaplaincy/Winnipeg MB
bulletCommunity Corrections Center
bulletCommunity Ministry with Ex-Offenders
bulletConnally Unit
bulletCook Inlet Pretrial Facility
bulletCooper Street Correctional Facility
bulletCOPE/Mertyn M. Bowker
bulletCorrectional Industrial Complex
bulletCorrectional Institutions Chaplaincy of Santa Clara County, CA.
bulletCorrectional Reception Center
bulletCorrectional Training Facility
bulletCorrections Camp Program
bulletCorrections Medical Center
bulletCorrections Mental Health Institution
bulletCorrigan Correctional Institution
bulletCoxsackie Correctional Facility
bulletCoyote Ridge Corrections Center
bulletCraggy Correctional Center
bulletCrane Women's Facility
bulletCraven Correctional Institution
bulletCross Anchor Correctional Institution
bulletCross City Correctional Institution
bulletCrossroads Correctional Center
bulletCummins Unit
bulletCurrituck Correctional Center
bulletCuster Youth Correctional Center
bulletDade Correctional Institution and Work Camp
bulletDalhart Unit
bulletDan River PWF
bulletDaniel Unit
bulletDanville Correction Center
bulletDarliene Passama
bulletDarrington Unit
bulletDavid Wade Correctional Center
bulletDavidson Correctional Center
bulletDawson State Jail
bulletDayton Correctional Institution
bulletDean Bernhard
bulletDeep Meadow Correctional Center
bulletDeerfield Correctional Center
bulletDelaware Correctional Center
bulletDelores Baylor Women's Correctional Institution
bulletDelta Correctional Center
bulletDelta Correctional Facility
bulletDelta Regional Unit
bulletDenmar Correctional Center
bulletDenver Reception & Diagnostic Center
bulletDepartment of Corrections South Dakota
bulletDescanso Detention Facility - San Diego, CA
bulletDeSoto Correctional Institution
bulletDeuel Vocational Institution
bulletDiagnostic and Evaluation Center
bulletDiagnostic Unit - Huntsville
bulletDiagnostic Unit - Pine Bluff
bulletDiboll Correctional Center
bulletDillwyn Correctional Center
bulletDinwiddie Correctional Unit(Unit 27)
bulletDismas House of Owensboro
bulletDixon Correctional Center
bulletDixon Correctional Institute
bulletDodge Correctional Institution - Chester
bulletDodge Correctional Institution - Waupun
bulletDominguez Facility
bulletDonaldson Correctional Center
bulletDooly Correctional Institution
bulletDorchester Institution
bulletDowneast Correctional Facility
bulletDownstate Correctional Facility
bulletDr. Eddie W. Warrior Correctional Center
bulletDraper Correctional Center
bulletDrumheller Institution
bulletDuane L. Waters Hospital
bulletDuplin Correctional Center
bulletDurham Correctional Center
bulletDutchman Correctional Institution
bulletDwight Correctional Center
bulletEast Arkansas Regional Unit
bulletEast Jersey State Prison
bulletEast Mesa Detention Facility
bulletEast Moline Correctional Center
bulletEasterling Correctional Facility
bulletEastern Correctional Facility
bulletEastern Correctional Institution - Maury
bulletEastern Correctional Institution - Westover
bulletEastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
bulletEastern Oregon Correctional Institution
bulletEastern Pre-Release Unit
bulletEastham Unit
bulletEastman Youth Development Facility
bulletEdgecombe Correctional Facility
bulletEdinburgh Correctional Facility
bulletEdmonton Institution
bulletEdmonton Institution for Women
bulletEdna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women
bulletEgeler Correctional Facility
bulletEl Dorado Correctional Facility
bulletEl Paso de Robles Youth Correctional Facility
bulletElayn Hunt Correctional Center
bulletElbow Lake Institution
bulletEllis I Unit
bulletEllsworth Correctional Facility
bulletElmira Correctional Facility
bulletElmore Correctional Facility
bulletEly State Prison
bulletEmanuel Probation Detention Center
bulletEnfield Correctional Institution
bulletEstablishment Joliette
bulletEstelle Unit
bulletEvans Correctional Institution
bulletEverglades Correctional Institution
bulletFairbanks Correctional Center
bulletFairfax Correctional Unit(Unit 30)
bulletFarmington Correctional Center
bulletFederal Correctional Complex - Admin.
bulletFederal Correctional Complex - Low
bulletFederal Correctional Ins. - Englewood
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Admin Bldg.
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Allenwood
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Ashland
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Bastrop
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Beaver
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Big Spring
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Butner
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Cumberland
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Danbury
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Dublin
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - El Reno
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Elkton
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Estill
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Fairton
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Florence
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Ft. Dix
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Ft. Worth
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Greenville
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Jesop
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Lompoc
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Loretto
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Manchester
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Marianna
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Med.
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Memphis
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Milan
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Morgantown
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Oakdale
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Otisville
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Oxford
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Pekin
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Ray Brook
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Sandstone
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Seagoville
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Sheridan
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Stafford
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Tallahassee
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Terminal Island
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Three Rivers
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Tucson
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Waseca
bulletFederal Correctional Institution - Yazoo City
bulletFederal Correctional Institution -La Tuna
bulletFederal Correctional Institution -Schuylkill
bulletFederal Correctional Institution -Talladega
bulletFederal Correctional Institution -Texarkanna
bulletFederal Correctional Institution-McKean
bulletFederal Detention Center - Miami
bulletFederal Detention Center - Oakdale
bulletFederal Detention Center - Tallahassee
bulletFederal Medical Center - Carswell
bulletFederal Medical Center - Ft. Devens
bulletFederal Medical Center - Rochester
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Alderson
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Allenwood
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Boron
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Bryan
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Duluth
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Eglin
bulletFederal Prison Camp - El Paso
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Goldsboro
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Millington
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Montgomery
bulletFederal Prison Camp - N Las Vegas
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Oakdale
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Pensacola
bulletFederal Prison Camp - Yankton
bulletFederal Transfer Center
bulletFerguson Unit
bulletFerndale Institution
bulletFishkill Correctional Facility
bulletFlagstaff Jail Ministry
bulletFlorida Correctional Institution
bulletFlorida State Prison - Starke
bulletFluvanna Correctional Center
bulletFolsom State Prison
bulletFoothills C.I.
bulletForest Hays Correctional Institution
bulletFormby Facility
bulletForsyth Correctional Center
bulletFort Stanton Correctional Center
bulletFort Stockton
bulletFort Worth F C I
bulletFountain Correctional Center for Women
bulletFox Lake Correctional Institution
bulletFrank C. Scott Correctional Institution
bulletFrank Lee Youth Center
bulletFrankfort Career Development Center
bulletFranklin Correctional Center
bulletFranklin Pre-Release Center
bulletFremont Correctional Facility
bulletFulton Correctional Facility
bulletFulton Recept. and Diagnostic Center
bulletG. K. Fountain Correctional Center
bulletG. Norton Jameson Annex
bulletG. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility
bulletGadsden Correctional Institution
bulletGainesville Correctional Institution
bulletGainesville Drug Treatment Center
bulletGainsville Correctional Institution
bulletGarner Correctional Institution
bulletGarza East
bulletGarza West
bulletGaston Correctional Center
bulletGates Correctional Center
bulletGates Correctional Institution
bulletGatesville Unit
bulletGeorge F. Bailey Detention Facility
bulletGeorgia Diag. and Classification Center
bulletGeorgia State Prison
bulletGilliam Psychiatric Hospital
bulletGist State Jail
bulletGivens Correctional Center
bulletGlades Correctional Institution
bulletGlosbrenner Unit
bulletGoldsboro Correctional Center
bulletGood News Jail and Prison Ministry
bulletGoodman Correctional Institution
bulletGoodman Unit
bulletGoree Unit
bulletGospel Troubadours Prison Fellowship
bulletGouverneur Correctional Facility
bulletGowanda Correctional Facility
bulletGrafton Correctional Institution
bulletGraham Correctional Center
bulletGrande Cache Institution
bulletGreat Meadow Correctional Facility
bulletGreen Bay Correctional Institution
bulletGreen Haven Correctional Facility
bulletGreen River Correctional Complex
bulletGreene Correctional Center
bulletGreene Correctional Facility
bulletGreensville Correctional Center
bulletGreensville Work Center
bulletGregg County Jail
bulletGroveland Correctional Facility
bulletGuilford Correctional Center
bulletGulf Correctional Institution
bulletGurney Unit
bulletGus Harrison Correctional Facility
bulletHalawa Correctional Facility
bulletHale Creek Correctional Facility
bulletHalifax Correctional Unit (Unit 23)
bulletHamilton A&I
bulletHamilton Correctional Institution
bulletHancock Correctional Institution
bulletHandlon Michigan Training Unit
bulletHardee Correctional Institution
bulletHarnett Correctional Institution
bulletHarrisonburg Correctional Unit(Unit 8)
bulletHartford Correctional Center
bulletHastings Correctional Center
bulletHaven Ministries
bulletHavins Unit
bulletHawaii Comm. Correctional Center
bulletHaynesville Correctional Center
bulletHaywood Correctional Center
bulletHenderson Correctional Center
bulletHendry Correctional Institution
bulletHenlet Unit
bulletHenryville Correctional Facility
bulletHerman L. Toulson Boot Camp
bulletHerman Toulson C. B. C.
bulletHernando Correctional Institution
bulletHiawatha Temporary Correctional Facility
bulletHigh Desert State Prison
bulletHigh Security Center
bulletHightower Unit
bulletHiland Mountain Correctional Center
bulletHill Correctional Center
bulletHillsborough Correctional Institution
bulletHilltop Unit
bulletHobby Unit
bulletHocking Correctional Facility
bulletHodge Unit
bulletHoke Correctional Institution
bulletHoliday Unit
bulletHolman Prison
bulletHolmes Correctional Institution
bulletHomerville Correctional Institution
bulletHoward McLeod Correctional Center
bulletHudson Correctional Facility
bulletHudson County Corr. Center
bulletHughes Unit
bulletHuntington Work/Study Release Center
bulletHuntsville Unit
bulletHuron Valley Men's Facility
bulletHutchins Facility
bulletHutchinson Correctional Facility
bulletHuttonsville Correctional Center
bulletHyde Correctional Center
bulletI. W. Davis Probation Dent. Center
bulletIdaho Correctional Institution, Orofino
bulletIdaho Maximum Security Institution
bulletIdaho State Correctional Institution
bulletIllinois River Correctional Center
bulletIndian Creek Correctional Center
bulletIndian River Correctional Institution
bulletIndiana State Prison
bulletIndiana Women's Prison
bulletInside Out
bulletIntake Service Center
bulletIonia Maximum Correctional Facility
bulletIonia Temporary Facility
bulletIowa Correctional Institution for Women
bulletIowa Medical And Classification Center
bulletIowa State Penitentiary
bulletIredell Correctional Center
bulletIronwood State Prison
bulletJ. Carrell Lamore Probation Detention Center
bulletJ. O. Davis Correctional Center
bulletJackie Brannon Correctional Center
bulletJackson Correctional Institution - Black River Falls
bulletJackson Correctional Institution - Malone
bulletJacksonville Correctional Center
bulletJail Ministry, Diocese of Albany
bulletJames Crabtree Correctional Center
bulletJames River Correctional Center
bulletJanet S. York Correctional Institution
bulletJefferson City Correctional Facility
bulletJefferson Correctional Institution
bulletJefferson County Jail/Correctional Facility
bulletJess Dunn Correctional Center
bulletJessup Pre-Release Unit
bulletJester I Unit
bulletJester IV Unit
bulletJester Unit II
bulletJester Units III
bulletJimmy Autry Correctional Institution
bulletJohn L. Webb Correctional Facility
bulletJohn Lilley Correctional Center
bulletJohn Wilder Youth Dev. Center
bulletJohnson Correctional Institution
bulletJohnson Unit
bulletJohnston Correctional Center
bulletJoliet Correctional Center
bulletJordan Unit
bulletJoseph Harp Correctional Center
bulletJulia Tutwiler Prison for Women
bulletKairos Prison Ministry
bulletKate Barnard Comm. Corrections Center
bulletKauai Comm. Correctional Center
bulletKeen Mountain Correctional Center
bulletKegans State Jail
bulletKent Institution
bulletKentucky Correctional Institution for Women
bulletKentucky Correctional Psych. Center
bulletKentucky State Penitentiary
bulletKentucky State Reformatory
bulletKershaw Correctional Institution
bulletKetchikan Correctional Center
bulletKettle Moraine Correctional Institution
bulletKinross Correctional Facility
bulletKirby Correctional Facility
bulletKirkland Correctional Institution
bulletKulani Correctional Facility
bulletLake Correctional Facility
bulletLake County Regional Correctional Facility
bulletLakeland Correctional Facility
bulletLakes Region Facility
bulletLakeside Correctional Facility
bulletLancaster Correctional Institution
bulletLancaster Pre-Release Center
bulletLansing Correctional Facility
bulletLarch Corrections Center
bulletLarned Correctional Mental Health Facility
bulletLas Colinas Detention Facility
bulletLawtey Correctional Institution
bulletLawton Comm. Corrections Center
bulletLeath Correctional Institution-Women
bulletLebanon Correctional Institution
bulletLeBlanc Unit
bulletLee Adjustment Center
bulletLee Arrendale Correctional. Institution
bulletLee Correctional Institution - Bishopville
bulletLee Correctional Institution - Lessburg
bulletLemon Creek Correctional Center
bulletLemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional. Unit
bulletLewis Unit
bulletLexington Assn. & Recep. Center/Lex. Correctional Center
bulletLiberty Correctional Institution
bulletLicking County Jail Ministries
bulletLieber Correctional Institution
bulletLima Correctional Institution
bulletLimestone Correctional Center
bulletLimon Correctional Facility
bulletLincoln Correctional Center - Illinois
bulletLincoln Correctional Center - Nebraska
bulletLincoln Correctional Center - North Carolina
bulletLincoln Correctional Facility
bulletLindsey Facility
bulletLivesay Work Center
bulletLivingston Correctional Facility
bulletLogan Correctional Center
bulletLois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility
bulletLondon Correctional Institution
bulletLorain Correctional Institution - Grafton
bulletLouisiana Correctional Institution for Women
bulletLouisiana State Penitentiary
bulletLovelock Correctional Center
bulletLow Security Correctional Institution
bulletLow Security Correctional. Institution - Allenwood
bulletLowell Probation Detention Center
bulletLower Savannah Pre-Release Center
bulletLowndes Correctional Institution
bulletLumberton Correctional Institution
bulletLunnburg Correctional Center
bulletLuther Luckett Correctional Complex
bulletLuther Unit
bulletLychner Facility
bulletLynaugh Unit
bulletLyon Mountain Correctional Facility
bulletM C I - Shirley (Minimum)
bulletMabel Bassett Correctional Center
bulletMacDougall Correctional Institution - Ridgeville
bulletMacDougall Correctional Institution - Suffield
bulletMack H. Alford Correctional Center
bulletMaco Correctional Institution
bulletMacomb Regional Correctional Facility
bulletMacon Transitional Center
bulletMadison Correctional Institution - London
bulletMadison Correctional Institution - Madison
bulletMaine Correctional Center
bulletMaine Correctional Institution
bulletMaine State Prison
bulletMaine Youth Center
bulletManning Correctional Institution
bulletMansfield Correctional Institution
bulletManson Youth Institution
bulletMarble Valley Regional Correctional Facility
bulletMarcy Correctional Facility
bulletMarion Adjustment Center
bulletMarion C. I.
bulletMarion Correctional Institution - Lowell
bulletMarion Correctional Institution - North Carolina
bulletMarion Correctional Institution -Ohio
bulletMarion Correctional Treatment Center
bulletMark H. Luttrell Reception Center
bulletMarquette Branch Prison
bulletMarshall County Correctional Facility
bulletMartin Correctional Center
bulletMartin Correctional Institution and Drug Treatment Center
bulletMaryland Correctional Adjustment Center
bulletMaryland Correctional Institution - Jessup
bulletMaryland Correctional Institution for Women
bulletMaryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown
bulletMaryland Correctional Training Center
bulletMaryland House of Correction
bulletMaryland House of Correction- Annex
bulletMaryland Penitentiary
bulletMaryland Reception Center
bulletMaryville Treatment Center
bulletMason City Private Prison
bulletMassachusetts Boot Camp
bulletMassachusetts Correctional Institution - Concord
bulletMassachusetts Correctional Institution - Farmingham
bulletMassachusetts Correctional Institution - Norfolk
bulletMassachusetts Correctional Institution - Shirley
bulletMassachusetts Correctional Institution- Plymouth
bulletMassachusetts Correctional. Institution - Cedar Jct.
bulletMatsqui Institution
bulletMat-Su Pretrial Facility
bulletMaui Comm. Correctional Center
bulletMaximum Control Complex
bulletMaximum Security Facility
bulletMaximum Security Unit
bulletMayo Correctional Institution
bulletMcCain Correctional Hospital
bulletMcConnell Unit
bulletMcCormick Correctional Institution
bulletMcMinn County Justice Center Jail Ministry
bulletMcNeil Island Corrections Center
bulletMecklenburg Correctional Center - Boydton
bulletMecklenburg Correctional Center - Huntersville
bulletMedium Security Facility
bulletMedium Security Unit
bulletMenard Correctional Center - Menard
bulletMenard Psychiatric Center
bulletMen's Correctional Institution
bulletMetro. Trans. Svcs. Center, MD Penitentiary
bulletMetropolitan Correctional Center - Chicago
bulletMetropolitan Correctional Center - Miami
bulletMetropolitan Correctional Center - New York
bulletMetropolitan Correctional Center - San Diego
bulletMetropolitan Detention Center - Brooklyn
bulletMetropolitan Detention Center - Los Angeles
bulletMichael unit
bulletMichigan Reformatory
bulletMiddle Tennessee Reception Center
bulletMiddleton Unit
bulletMid-Michigan Temp. Correctional Facility
bulletMid-Orange Correctional Facility
bulletMid-State Correctional Facility - Marcy
bulletMid-State Correctional Facility - Wrightstown
bulletMilan Correctional Institution
bulletMill Creek Correctional Facility
bulletMinimum Security Facility
bulletMinn. Correctional Facility - Willow River/Moose Lake
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility - Oak Park Heights
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility - Stillwater
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility -Sauk Creek
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility- Shakopee
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility- St. Cloud
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility-Faribault
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility-Lino Lakes
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Hts.
bulletMinnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing
bulletMission Institution
bulletMississippi County Work Release Center
bulletMississippi State Prison - Parchman
bulletMissouri Eastern Correctional Center
bulletMissouri River Correctional Center
bulletMoberly Correctional Center
bulletMohawk Correctional Facility
bulletMonroe City Detention Center
bulletMontana State Prison
bulletMontford Unit
bulletMontgomery Correctional Center
bulletMontgomery Correctional Institution
bulletMontgomery Education and Pre-Release Center
bulletMoore Unit
bulletMoore Unit, Pre-Release Center
bulletMoorehaven Correctional Institution
bulletMorgan City Regional Correctional Facility
bulletMorris Correctional Institution
bulletMound Correctional Facility
bulletMount Olive Correctional Center
bulletMountain Institution
bulletMountain View Unit
bulletMule Creek State Prison
bulletMulti-Purpose Criminal Justice Facility
bulletMurray Unit
bulletMuscatine Cnty. Sheriff
bulletMuskegon Correctional Facility
bulletMuskegon Temporary Facility
bulletMustard Seed Church/Edmonton
bulletMustard Seed St. Church
bulletN. Piedmont CCW
bulletNancy Dixon
bulletNash Correctional Institution
bulletNashville Community Service Center
bulletNC Correctional Institution for Women
bulletNeal Unit
bulletNebraska Center for Women
bulletNebraska Correctional Treatment Center
bulletNebraska State Penitentiary
bulletNeuse Correctional Center
bulletNevada State Prison
bulletNevada Women's Correctional Center
bulletNew Hampshire State Prison Complex
bulletNew Hampshire State Prison-Women's Facility
bulletNew Hanover Correctional Center
bulletNew Haven Correctional Center
bulletNew Jersey State Prison
bulletNew Mexico Women's Correctional Facility
bulletNew River Correctional Institution
bulletNew York City Department of Corrections
bulletNewberry Correctional Facility
bulletNey Unit
bulletNoble Correctional Institution - Caldwell
bulletNorth Central Correctional Facility
bulletNorth Central Correctional Institution
bulletNorth Central Unit
bulletNorth Dakota State Penitentiary
bulletNorth Florida Reception Center
bulletNorth Idaho Correctional Institution
bulletNorth Kern State Prison
bulletNortheast Correctional Center
bulletNortheast Correctional Institution - Storrs
bulletNortheast Oklahoma Correctional Center
bulletNortheast Pre-Release Center
bulletNortheast Regional Correctional Facility
bulletNortheastern Correctional Institution
bulletNorthern California Women's Facility
bulletNorthern Correctional Center
bulletNorthern Correctional Institution
bulletNorthern Nevada Correctional Center
bulletNorthern Nevada Restitution Center
bulletNorthern State Correctional Facility
bulletNorthern State Prison
bulletNorthpoint Training Center
bulletNorthside Correctional Institution
bulletNorthwest Arkansas Work Release Center
bulletNorthwest Correctional Center
bulletNorthwest Probation Detention Center
bulletNorthwest State Correctional Facility
bulletNorton Correctional Facility
bulletNottoway Correctional Center
bulletNova Institution for Women
bulletOahu Comm. Correctional Center
bulletOakhill Correctional Institution
bulletOaks Correctional Facility
bulletOakwood Correctional Facility
bulletOdom Correctional Institution
bulletOgdensburg Correctional Facility
bulletOhio Reformatory for Women
bulletOkaloosa Correctional Institution
bulletOkeechobee Correctional Institution - Okeechobee
bulletOklahoma City Comm. Correctional Center
bulletOklahoma State Penitentiary
bulletOklahoma State Reformatory
bulletOld Colony Correctional Center
bulletOlympic Corrections Center
bulletOmaha Correctional Center
bulletOmaha Correctional Center Work Release Unit
bulletOneida Correctional Facility
bulletOrange Correctional Center
bulletOregon Corrections Intake Center
bulletOregon State Correctional Institution
bulletOregon State Penitentiary
bulletOregon Women's Correctional Center
bulletOrient Correctional Institution
bulletOrleans Correctional Facility
bulletOsborn Correctional Institution
bulletOshkosk Correctional Institution
bulletOtisville Correctional Facility
bulletOtter Creek Correctional Center
bulletOuachita Correctional Center
bulletOzark Correctional Center
bulletPack I Unit
bulletPalmer Correctional Center
bulletPalmer Pre-Release Center
bulletParkside Correctional Facility
bulletPasquotank Correctional Institution - Elizabeth
bulletPatrick Henry Correctional Unit (Unit 28
bulletPelican Bay State Prison
bulletPender Correctional Institution
bulletPendleton Correctional Facility
bulletPenitentiary of New Mexico - Main
bulletPenitentiary of New Mexico - Ministry Rest.
bulletPenitentiary of New Mexico - North
bulletPerry Correctional Institution
bulletPickaway Correctional Institution
bulletPiedmont Correctional Institution
bulletPine Bluff Unit
bulletPinelodge Pre-Release
bulletPlainfield Correctional Facility
bulletPlane Facility
bulletPleasant Valley State Prison
bulletPocahontas Correctional Unit (Unit 13)
bulletPocatello Women's Correctional Center
bulletPolk Correctional Institution
bulletPondville Correctional Center
bulletPontiac Correctional Center
bulletPoplar Hill Pre-Release Unit
bulletPotosi Correctional Center
bulletPowder River Correctional Facility
bulletPowhatan Correctional Center
bulletPowledge Unit
bulletPre-Release Unit for Women
bulletPrison Impact Ministries
bulletPromontory Correctional Facility
bulletPruntytown Correctional Center
bulletPueblo Minimum Center
bulletPulaski Correctional Institution
bulletPulaski Correctional Unit (Unit 1)
bulletPutman Correctional Institution
bulletPutnam B. C.
bulletPutnamville Correctional Facility
bulletQueensboro Correctional Facility
bulletQuehanna Boot Camp
bulletQuincy Correctional Institution - Quincy
bulletR.B.Dick Conner Correctional Center
bulletRacine Correctional Institution
bulletRadgowski Correctional Center
bulletRaleigh Correctional Center for Women
bulletRamsey I Unit
bulletRamsey II Unit
bulletRamsey III Unit
bulletRandolph Correctional Center
bulletReception Diagnostic Center
bulletRed Deer & District Comm. Chaplaincy
bulletRed Eagle Honor Farm
bulletRedfield Trusty Camp, SD Dev. Center
bulletRegional Psychiatric Centre
bulletRetrieve Unit
bulletRev. Kshanti
bulletRichard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
bulletRidgeland Correctional Institution
bulletRifle Correctional Center
bulletRiverbend Maximum Security Institution
bulletRiverfront State Prison
bulletRivers Correctional Institution
bulletRiverside Correctional Facility
bulletRiverview Correctional Facility
bulletRiverview Release Center
bulletRoach Unit
bulletRobert L. Patten Probation Detention Center
bulletRobertson Unit
bulletRobeson Correctional Center
bulletRobinson Correctional Center
bulletRobinson Correctional Institution
bulletRochester Correctional Facility - Rochester
bulletRockdale-DeKalb Dist. Probation Detention Center
bulletRockville Training Center
bulletRockwood Institution
bulletRoederer Correctional Complex
bulletRogers Correctional Institution
bulletRoss Correctional Institution
bulletRoswell Correctional Center
bulletRowan Correctional Center
bulletRoxbury Correctional Institution
bulletRudd Unit
bulletRustburg Correctional Unit (Unit 9)
bulletRutherford Correctional Center
bulletRyan Correctional Facility
bulletS. Middlesex Correctional Center
bulletS. Middlesex Pre-Release Center
bulletSaginaw Correctional Facility
bulletSalinas Valley State Prison
bulletSampson Correctional Center
bulletSan Carlos Correctional Facility
bulletSan Diego County Jail Information Web Site
bulletSan Diego Juvenile Probation Center
bulletSan Diego Sheriffs Department
bulletSanchez Facility
bulletSanford Correctional Center
bulletSanta Rosa Correctional Institution
bulletSantiam Correctional Institution
bulletSavannah Transitional Center
bulletSayle Unit
bulletScotland Correctional Center
bulletScott Correctional Facility
bulletSecaucus Pre-Release Center
bulletSecure Psychiatric Unit
bulletSegovia Unit
bulletShawangunk Correctional Facility
bulletShawnee Correctional Center
bulletSheridan Correctional Center
bulletShutter Creek Correctional Institution
bulletSierra Conservation Center
bulletSing Sing Correctional Facility
bulletSixth Avenue Annex Correctional Center
bulletSkyview Unit
bulletSmith Correctional Institution
bulletSmith Unit
bulletSnake River Correctional Institution
bulletSo. Mississippi Correctional Institution
bulletSouth Bay Detention Facility
bulletSouth Central Correctional Center
bulletSouth Dakota State Penitentiary
bulletSouth Florida Reception Center
bulletSouth Fork Forest Camp
bulletSouth Idaho Correctional Institution
bulletSouth Point Facilities
bulletSouthampton Correctional Center
bulletSoutheartern Tenn. St. Reg. Correctional Facility
bulletSoutheast Probation Detention Center
bulletSoutheast State Correctional Facility
bulletSoutheastern Correctional Center
bulletSoutheastern Correctional Institution
bulletSouthern Correctional Institution
bulletSouthern Desert Correctional Center
bulletSouthern Maryland Pre-Release Unit
bulletSouthern MI Correctional Facility
bulletSouthern N.M. Correctional Facility
bulletSouthern Nevada Correctional Center
bulletSouthern Nevada Restitution Center
bulletSouthern Ohio Correctional Facility
bulletSouthern State Correctional Facility
bulletSouthport Correctional Facility
bulletSouthwest Probation Detention Center
bulletSouthwestern Illinois Correctional Center
bulletSpecial Offender Camp
bulletSpiritual Warfare Ministries
bulletSpring Creek Correctional Center
bulletSpringfield State Prison
bulletSpringhill Hospitality House
bulletSpringhill Institution
bulletSt. Anthony Work Camp
bulletSt. Brides Correctional Center
bulletSt. Clair Correctional Facility
bulletStafford Correctional Unit (Unit 21 )
bulletStandish Maximum Correctional Facility
bulletState Correctional Institution - Waymart
bulletState Correctional Institution at Albion
bulletState Correctional Institution at Cambridge Springs
bulletState Correctional Institution at Camp Hill
bulletState Correctional Institution at Coal Township
bulletState Correctional Institution at Cresson
bulletState Correctional Institution at Dallas
bulletState Correctional Institution at Frackville
bulletState Correctional Institution at Graterford
bulletState Correctional Institution at Greene
bulletState Correctional Institution at Greensburg
bulletState Correctional Institution at Houtzdale
bulletState Correctional Institution at Huntingdon
bulletState Correctional Institution at Laurel Highlands
bulletState Correctional Institution at Mahanoy
bulletState Correctional Institution at Mercer
bulletState Correctional Institution at Muncy
bulletState Correctional Institution at Pittsburgh
bulletState Correctional Institution at Retreat
bulletState Correctional Institution at Rockview
bulletState Correctional Institution at Smithfield
bulletState Correctional Institution at Somerset
bulletState Correctional Institution at Waymart
bulletState Correctional Institution at Waynesburg
bulletState Park Correctional Center
bulletState Police Barracks
bulletState Prison Chaplain
bulletState Prison of S. Mich.
bulletStateville Correction Center
bulletStaunton Correctional Center
bulletStevenson Correctional Institution
bulletStevenson Unit
bulletStiles Unit
bulletStokes Correctional Center
bulletStone Mountain Boot Camp
bulletStony Mountain Institution
bulletSullivan Correctional Facility
bulletSumpter Correctional
bulletSumter Correctional Institution
bulletSussex I, Maximum Security Prison
bulletTacoma Pre-Release
bulletTaconic Correctional Facility
bulletTamms Correctional Center
bulletTaycheedah Correctional Institution
bulletTaylor Correctional Institution
bulletTaylorville Correctional Center
bulletTazwell Correctional Unit (Unit 31)
bulletTelfair Correctional Institution
bulletTelford Unit
bulletTennessee Prison for Women
bulletTerrell Unit
bulletTexarkana Regional Correction Center
bulletThe Men's Reformatory
bulletThistledew Camp
bulletThomas F. Staton Correctional Center
bulletThumb Regional Correctional Facility
bulletTidewater Correctional Unit (Unit 22)
bulletTillery Correctional Center
bulletTimpanogos Facility
bulletTipton Treatment Center
bulletTomoka Correctional Institution and Work Camp
bulletTopeka Correctional Facility
bulletTorres Unit
bulletTravis Co. State Jail
bulletTrenton Correctional Institution
bulletTreutien B.C.
bulletTreutlen Boot Camp
bulletTrumbull Correctional Institution
bulletTucker Unit for Women
bulletTurbeville Correctional Institution
bulletTurney Center Ind. Prison & Farm
bulletTwin Rivers Corrections Center
bulletTyger River Correctional Institution
bulletUlster Correctional Facility
bulletUmstead Correctional Center
bulletUnion Correctional Center
bulletUnion Correctional Institution
bulletUnited States Penitentiary - Atlanta
bulletUnited States Penitentiary - Leavenworth
bulletUnited States Penitentiary - Lewisburg
bulletUnited States Penitentiary - Lompoc
bulletUnited States Penitentiary - Marion
bulletUnited States Penitentiary - Terre Haute
bulletUnited States Penitentiary-Admin. Max
bulletUnited States Penitentiary-Allenwood
bulletUpstate Correctional Facility
bulletUS Medical Center for Federal Prisoners
bulletValley State Prison for Women
bulletVandalia Correctional Center
bulletVarner Unit
bulletVentress Correctional Facility
bulletVienna Correctional Center
bulletVirginia Correctional Center for Women
bulletVista County Detention Facility - San Diego, CA
bulletVolunteer Chaplaincy Training
bulletVolunteers in Prevention, Probation & Prisons Inc.
bulletWabash Valley Correctional Institute
bulletWaiawa Correctional Facility
bulletWake Correctional Center
bulletWakulla Correctional Institution
bulletWalden Correctional Institution
bulletWalker Correctional Institution
bulletWalker Reception Special Management Unit
bulletWallace Unit
bulletWallkill Correctional Facility
bulletWalton Correctional Institution
bulletWare Correctional Institution
bulletWare T. F.
bulletWarren Correctional Institution
bulletWasco State Prison- Reception Center
bulletWashington Correctional Facility
bulletWashington Correctional Institute
bulletWashington Correctional Institution - Davisboro
bulletWashington Correctional Institution - Vernon
bulletWashington Corrections Center
bulletWashington Corrections Center for Women
bulletWashington State Penitentiary
bulletWashington State Reformatory
bulletWateree River Correctional Institution
bulletWatertown Correctional Facility
bulletWatkins Pre-Release Center
bulletWaupun Correctional Institution
bulletWayne Correctional Center
bulletWayne Correctional Institution
bulletWayne County Boot Camp
bulletWebster Correctional Institution
bulletWende Correctional Facility
bulletWest Central State Prison
bulletWest Farm
bulletWest Georgia B. C.
bulletWest Tenn. High Security Facility
bulletWestern Correctional Institution
bulletWestern Illinois Correction Center
bulletWestern Kentucky Correctional Complex
bulletWestern Missouri Correctional Center
bulletWestern N.M. Correctional Facility
bulletWestern Probation Detention Center
bulletWestern RMF
bulletWestern Wayne Correctional Facility
bulletWestmorland Institution
bulletWestville Correctional Center
bulletWestville Transition Unit
bulletWheeler Unit
bulletWhite Post Correctional Unit(Unit 7)
bulletWhite Post Work Center
bulletWhitley Co. Jail (Asst. Chaplain)
bulletWichita Work Release Facility
bulletWilcox Correctional Institution
bulletWildwood Correctional Center
bulletWildwood Pretrial Facility
bulletWilkes Correctional Center
bulletWillacy County Facility
bulletWillard Correctional Institution
bulletWilliam Head Institution
bulletWilliam S. Key Correctional Center
bulletWilmington Residential Facility for Women
bulletWinfield Correctional Facility
bulletWinn Correctional Center
bulletWinnifer Taylor
bulletWise Correctional Unit (Unit 18)
bulletWomen's Comm. Correctional Center
bulletWomen's Correctional Facility
bulletWomen's Correctional Center
bulletWomen's Correctional Institution
bulletWomen's Division
bulletWomen's Multi-Custody Correctional Center
bulletWomen's Probation Detention Center
bulletWoodburne Correctional Facility
bulletWoodman State Jail
bulletWoodstock Regional Correctional Facility
bulletWork Ethic Camp ( McNeil Island )
bulletWork Training Facility - North
bulletWrightsville Unit
bulletWynne Unit
bulletWyoming Correctional Facility
bulletWyoming Honor Conservation Camp
bulletWyoming Honor Farm
bulletWyoming State Hospital, J.Hall For. Unit
bulletWyoming State Penitentiary
bulletWyoming Women's Center
bulletYankton Trusty Unit
bulletYukon-Kuskokwin Correction Center
bulletZephyrhills Correctional Institution


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